A 1,000-pound great white shark has been discovered with several bite marks and researchers believe it was attacked by an even bigger shark.

Last week, OCEARCH uploaded an image of the great white shark, which was examined, tagged, and released back into the North Atlantic OceanNewsweek reported. Researchers named the almost 13-foot animal Vimy and highlighted his injuries in a Facebook post.

They wrote on Facebook:

“White sharks live in a tough world. Need proof? Check out white shark Vimy’s head,

He appears to have two big bite marks from what we suspect are encounters with other sharks. You can see one is pretty well-healed but the other is very fresh.”

Founding Chairman Chris Fischer told WSOC TV that Vimy may have been attacked by another male competing for mating rights or a larger female shark who was not in the mood to mingle.

OCEARCH analyzes and tracks great white sharks and other marine predators, so researchers can learn more about their migration patterns. The public can follow Vimy’s movements through OCEARCH’s online shark tracker here.