A man, first mistaken for a mummy was ‘rescued from a bear den’ after the animal stored him there for a month.

It is reported that the bear had broken the man’s spine and tossed him into the back of its cave in Russia’s remote Tuva region planning to save him for a meal at a later date, however the exact location has been disputed by a spokesperson at the health ministry in Tuva Republic.

Image: EADaily

East2West News reports the spokesperson as saying:

It was not registered by the Ministry of Health, the Emergencies Ministry or any other official body (in the region).
Most probably, it happened somewhere outside Tuva.

Alexander, was reportedly found by hunting dogs and immediately rushed to hospital where doctors had discovered that the bear had broken his spine at some point in their struggle.

He reportedly told doctors the large animal had overpowered him and kept him in the den for approximately four weeks. ‘The bear preserved me as food for later’, Alexander explained.

Photo: EADaily

As reported by The Siberian Times, all that Alexander remembers is his first name. He can’t recall any other information, including his age or names of family members. He told doctors that he drank his own urine to survive, with doctors saying it’s a ‘miracle’ he did not die.

A group of local hunters say they found the dying man after their dogs kept persistently barking and refused to move away from the den’s entrance.

This led the hunters to take a look inside the cave, although admittedly they could never have imagined the ‘mummy-like’ man they would find inside.

Local medics say it’s impossible to explain how Alexander was able to survive such extensive injuries, and it is not yet known how he came to be in the woods surrounding the bear’s den.

He lay motionless in the den for such an extensive period of time that his skin tissue began to rot.

Earlier this year, a man’s corpse was found in Russia in similar circumstances; as reported by the Express, the man’s remains were discovered in a bear’s den in Tatarstan, with investigators believing he’d been killed by a brown bear and his remains had been stashed for a future meal by the animal.

Luckily for Alexander, he managed to survive the attack – but not without a fierce fight first.