No matter your interests – history, beaches, or cuisine – Greece has something captivating for everyone. Visiting Greece is always a great idea, yet the summer season stands out with its brilliantly sunny days and pleasantly warm nights, turning every moment into a memorable experience.

The abundance of attractions in Greece during the summer might seem daunting at first. However, this guide highlights the top things to do for a truly memorable holiday. Beyond its famed ancient monuments, Greece offers a haven for nature enthusiasts, a vibrant live music scene, and a rich culinary culture. Delve into our curated list of the top activities in Greece to uncover experiences often overlooked by the typical tourist.

Here are the Top Things to Do in Greece this summer:

Eat at a Taverna

A taverna, emblematic of Greek culinary tradition, offers a menu brimming with Greek favorites. While these eateries welcome patrons year-round, their charm peaks during the summer. Imagine savoring delectable local dishes as you sit beside the sea, the setting sun casting a golden hue over everything. It’s an experience that ranks high on the list of must-dos in Greece.

For those wondering what to order at a taverna, there are several beloved Greek specialties to consider. On sweltering summer days, a horiatiki or Greek salad offers a refreshing reprieve. The combination of juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, rich olives, and sharp peppers is a perfect antidote to the heat.

The Best Things To Do In Greece In Summer
Traditional Greek Taverna on the quay

For a heartier option, give moussaka a try. This dish is renowned throughout Greece and varies slightly from region to region. Typically, it combines layers of lamb, eggplant, tomatoes, and cheese into a rich, comforting casserole.

Summer is the ideal time to try it since eggplants are in season, ensuring they’re at their most flavorful. Even those usually indifferent to eggplant might find themselves won over by a well-prepared moussaka.

Catch a Show at a Summer Theater

Greece often conjures images of the mythologies and theatrical works studied in school, being the cradle of dramatic arts. A visit to the renowned Epidaurus Theater to witness ancient dramas unfold live is like stepping through a portal to Ancient Greece.

The Best Things To Do In Greece In Summer
The ancient theater of Epidaurus

Even for those typically uninterested in historical narratives or theatrical productions, experiencing these plays is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They stand as a testament to Greece’s rich historical and cultural tapestry, making it almost a disservice to oneself to miss out on such performances.

If traveling to the Epidaurus Theater seems daunting, rest assured, Greece boasts numerous summer theaters that promise equally captivating performances, ensuring an experience you’ll never forget.

Attend a Music Festival

Most people may not know this, but Greece is a huge hub for musical festivals in the summer. It is one of the best things to do in Greece for music lovers, and non-music lovers alike. Here are some of the most famous and largest music festivals in Greece during the summer.

River Party

Hosted in Nestorio, Kastoria, River Party is a five-day long music-camping festival. Every year at the end of July, visitors from all around the world gather by Aliakmonas river for five days of live music. Watch your favorite artists live, then sleep by the beautifully calming river. It will definitely be quite the experience.

Athens and Epidaurus Festival

These festivals are not just for music. There are plays, dance performances, art shows, and events for kids. It is a great way to experience local culture while also having lots of summer fun. The music shows tend to be at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus which is an ancient theater structure. The historical location gives a stunning backdrop to the awesome live bands playing. It is one definitely one of the best things to do in Greece!

Discover Local Wildlife and Marine Life

The ancient ruins of Greece are incredible, but its wildlife is just as beautiful – though overlooked. In the summer, try visiting the Nymfaio or Agrapidia Sanctuary in Northern Greece. At these beautiful nature sanctuaries, you can find native bears and wolves roaming around. It is a great way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city, and reconnect with nature.

Playful seals in the National Marine Park, Alonissos

If you are more into marine life, then the best thing to do in Greece is to visit the National Marine Park in Alonissos. Here you can find loggerhead turtles, dolphins, and even seals! All these animals are local to the area, so you can see them in their natural habitats. 

Go Island Hopping

Island hopping is the quintessential summer activity in Greece, offering an unparalleled way to immerse yourself in the beauty of its myriad islands. Each island presents a unique blend of crystal-clear blue waters, quaint towns, and stunning beaches. The Greek islands truly come to life in summer, allowing visitors to delve into everything from tantalizing eateries to quaint boutiques catering to diverse tastes.

While Santorini and Mykonos may top the list of famous destinations, Greece is dotted with lesser-known islands that promise equally enchanting experiences. For adventurers keen on exploring beyond the well-trodden paths, island hopping stands out as an exceptional choice. Discover the untouched beauty of Anafi or Pserimos, where you can bask in the tranquility of pristine beaches and swim in warm, gentle waters, surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

The Best Things To Do In Greece In Summer
Mykonos island

Navigating through these islands is best done by ferry or by renting a boat, offering flexibility and a sense of adventure as you uncover the hidden jewels of Greece.

Embarking on this journey to explore the lesser-known islands guarantees a memorable chapter in your summer Greek escapade.

Explore the Archeological Sites

Greece is well known for their culture and history. Visiting the famous archeological sites isn’t just one of the best things to do in Greece, it is a must do! Most of these sites are open spaces, so the summer weather allows for more enjoyment. No need to worry about the cold or rain during the summer months.

The Best Things To Do In Greece In Summer
The Acropolis

There are so many historical sites that you may feel overwhelmed. Fear not, all of these spots are breathtaking, so you will have a great experience no matter where you go. Some of the classic ancient ruins to see are: The Acropolis, Delphi, the Temple of Apollo Epicurius, Mystras, and Olympia. This is a very short list of the best archeological sites, and there are many more to see.

Take your time and explore these wonderful archeological sites. You will be taken aback by the stunning architecture, and feel like you’ve been transported into another time. 

Visit the Athens Central Market

Indulging in a little retail therapy is a highlight of any vacation, and embarking on a shopping excursion in Greece’s local markets ranks high on the list of must-do activities. Among these, the Athens Central Market stands out as a bustling hub, offering an array of fresh produce, artisanal goods, and quaint eateries.

Nuts, dried fruits and raisins on sale in Athens Central Market

With summer bringing the freshest fruits and vegetables to the fore, seize the opportunity to whip up some traditional Greek dishes in your Airbnb or hostel kitchen. And if cooking isn’t your forte, sampling the local delicacies is an equally delightful way to engage with Greek cuisine.

As you wander through the Central Market, keep an eye out for the secluded tavernas tucked away from the main paths. These spots are culinary treasures, offering some of the finest meals in Greece, far from the tourist trail. Embrace the chance to eat like a local and discover the authentic flavors of Greece at one of these hidden tavernas.

Swim in the Mysterious Lake Vouliagmeni

Only a few miles from Athens, you can find the gorgeous Lake Vouliagmeni. The clear green waters are surrounded by towering rock formations, creating a gorgeous contrast. Lake Vouliagmeni’s water comes from thermal springs and the surrounding sea. This makes the water nice and warm, and gives it an almost healing feeling.

Lake Vouliagmeni

For a bit of mystery, explore the Labyrinth Cave that lies on the lake. Although many have explored it, no one has ever found how far it actually goes. Researchers may not have all the answers when it comes to the Labyrinth Cave, but it is a beautiful adventure nonetheless. 

Go back in time at Medieval Rhodes

For enthusiasts of history, a visit to Medieval Rhodes stands as a quintessential summer activity in Greece. The Old Town of Rhodes is celebrated as one of Europe’s most impeccably preserved Medieval cities. A highlight is the Medieval Rose Festival in June, offering an immersive journey back in time.

Rhodes Castle

The festival showcases an array of medieval-themed attractions, including puppetry, music from the era, traditional dances, and juggling acts. The atmosphere is enriched by attendees donning period attire, transporting you to a bygone era.

Beyond the festival’s allure, Rhodes offers an abundance of historical sites year-round. Highlights include Knights Street, the Palace of the Grand Master, and Mandraki. Wandering through Medieval Rhodes allows for a deep dive into its splendid ancient architecture, ensuring a memorable exploration of history.

There are so many fun activities to do in Greece during the summer, that they all couldn’t fit on this list. If you’re unsure where to start though, the places on this list are a great start. From exploring mysterious caves to finding hidden tavernas in the market, there is always a new experience to discover in Greece.

Try out the best things to do in Greece this upcoming summer, and have an unforgettable vacation! Enjoy!