Panic spread across villages surrounding the Serengeti National Park after 14 lions escaped from the park’s boundaries.

The pride of 14 were swiftly captured by wildlife authorities, an official announced on Saturday, 21 March.

Mr Nurdin Babu, the Serengeti district commissioner, said the 14 lions were captured between Monday and Friday. These captures bring the total number of captured lions in the district to 31.



Babu told Tanzania’s The Citizen:

‘The wildlife officials are now in the process of capturing two remaining lions with their cubs,

Once these have been captured, it will end the ‘nightmare experienced by the villagers who spent sleepless nights in fear of the wild animals,’

Earlier this year 17 lions were captured in villages around Serengeti National Park. They were all relocated to the newly established Burigi-Chato National Park in the northwest of Tanzania.



Lions that stray outside of the Serengeti National Park, wreak havoc on surrounding villages as they move through and make ‘easy pickings’ of livestock like cattle and goats, according to the Serengeti district wildlife officer Mr John Lendoyani.