A team of Egyptian archaeologists have uncovered 20 ancient, wooden coffins near the city of Luxor.

The remarkably detailed coffins were discovered in Asasif; an ancient necropolis located on the west bank of the Nile River.

Tightly sealed and and well preserved, the coffins feature intact inscriptions and have even maintained some of their original colouration.

Egypt Antiquities Ministry

Discovered between two layers within a large tomb, the coffins were found layered carefully on top of the other.

In a press release, the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry praised this find as ‘one of the largest and most important discoveries’; with emphasis on the number of coffins and the excellent state of preservation.

According to this press release:

This discovery is one of the largest and most important discoveries that have been announced during the past few years as it includes so far more than 20 colored wooden human coffins, in a state of conservation, colors and inscriptions in full and still closed, and were revealed in the situation that left them.

The ancient Egyptian where they were found gathered in a cache in two levels on top of the other.

Authorities have released photographs showing antiquities minister Khaled El-Anany examining the coffins, alongside Supreme Council of Antiquities’ secretary general, Dr. Mostafa Waziri.

Egypt Antiquities Ministry

Nobles and officials were laid to rest in Al-Assasif during the time of the pharaohs and BBC News reports that the majority of tombs discovered at Asasif date back to ancient Egypt’s Late Period (664-332BCE).

At this stage, it has not been specified exactly what period in ancient Egyptian history this newly revealed tomb belongs to. Or indeed, who it is whose remains lie inside the eerily beautiful coffins.

However, further details about this fascinatingly spooky discovery will be given at a press conference in West Luxor on Saturday, October 19.