Imagine waking up and drawing back the curtains to find a huge bull relaxing in your back garden. Just another day in the English countryside.

A homeowner, who would like to remain anonymous, had made his way downstairs to make a hot drink on the morning of Sunday, November 3, when he spotted the massive animal chilling out in the garden.


He recalled his reaction, saying:

My first thought was ‘f*ck, Arnold’s in the garden’.

Arnold, who weighs nearly a tonne, is named after bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger – most likely because of his muscular appearance. He usually lives in the open field behind the house, but at some point in the night he’d smashed through the fence which separates their garden from his grassy home.

The surprised homeowner informed his fiancée of their unlikely visitor, but at first she didn’t believe him, as the scenario is one they’d joked about before.


Recalling his partner’s reaction, the homeowner said:

She was petrified. It was a moment of panic.

I didn’t think it was wise to go outside it as [Arnold] was probably really distressed.

During his ‘adventure’, the bull also headbutted the couple’s wheelie bin, left ‘hoof-shaped pot holes’ on the grass and pooped on the patio.

While the couple waited for the farmer to arrive and help remove Arnold, the pair could do nothing but watch the beast destroy their garden.


The frustrated homeowner continued:

I managed to get through to the farmer and he was 40 minutes away. So we just sat and watched as he tore up the garden basically.

I had been doing up the garden over the summer but he’s completely ruined my turf!

We’ve been living here 18 months and have seen the odd sheep outside the house. But needless to say, we’ve never had a surprise like that on a weekend.

Thankfully the farmer eventually came to the rescue. The couple might have to invest in some stronger fencing if they want to stop Arnold from making a return!