A Georgia woman recently encountered a giant American alligator feasting on a strange looking meal item, and the internet has a lot of questions.

Sandy Traub captured images of the gator, which appeared to be dining on a shark in the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge on Thursday, WJCL reported.


Traub, who came across the scene on September 19, originally thought the alligator was dead. While snapping photos of the beast, she noticed that it started to move around on the ground and had a large animal inside its mouth, which may have been a big fish, shark, or turtle.

Posting on Facebook, Traub wrote:

“His mouth and eyes were wide open, not moving. Something big (shark, big fish, turtle) is in his mouth,

He maneuvered to turn around in the reeds and went into the water with his prey.”

Facebook users responded to Traub’s photos and tried to determine what the alligator was eating. Some people thought it was a shark, while others insisted that it was a softshell turtle.

“Good photos, Sandy Traub,” one user replied. “I magnified the close up a great deal and cannot positively identify the gator’s meal.”

Another person wrote, “It does look like a shark, doesn’t it?”

Someone else replied, “Looks like a softshell turtle. Awesome experience for you.”