World-renowned primatologist Dr Jane Goodall has said that humans’ ‘disregard’ for the planet and its species is what led to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While in self-isolation, the 86-year-old Britain has been as proactive as always in inspiring hope, but also vocal about how human’s poor treatment of animals and the environment has caused the current global health crisis.



Goodall said, according to AFP:

‘It is our disregard for nature and our disrespect of the animals we should share the planet with that has caused this pandemic,’

Goodall mentions our ‘too-close relationship with wild animals in the markets’ and use in entertainment, as the reason for the spread of zoonotic diseases. In a Facebook post, the UN Messenger of Peace ran through a list of how a number of infectious diseases originated, from wildlife in markets such as monkeys and chimpanzees or palm civets, which is how HIV and the SARS virus spread to humans, respectively.

She also stressed the importance of protecting animals from infectious diseases born in humans. We share 98.6% of the same DNA with chimpanzees, and great apes and other species may also be susceptible to the virus.



She warned:

‘It was predicted that this was going to happen and it’s going to happen again until we learn the lessons,’

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Fans of the pioneering activist will be excited to know that they are just 1 day away from being able to watch her new documentary. Jane Goodall: The Hope, will premiere on National Geographic on Wednesday 22 April to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Watch the trailer here: