Garret and Jessica Ge, parents to Dorothy, Manilla, and Calihan of The Bucket List Family decided to sell everything and travel the world as a family in 2015. They started their now famous Instagram and YouTube channel to document their travels.

Since beginning their adevnture, the family has visited 65 countries that before settling into a bungalow on the beach in Hawaii which is now their home base from where they explore.

The family’s most recent video which shows a trip they took to Mexico to do some shark cage diving. What makes the video amazing is that seven-year-old Dorothy and five-year-old Manilla got in on the action too. (There are two separate scenes of the kids diving with the great white – if you’re impatient, skip to the 6-minute mark to see the first).

Witness the couple introducing their children to the wonder of these apex predators as they instill in them a desire to love and protect the ocean and all its creatures.