Getting up close and personal with Nature is  incredibly important for all humans to experience and understand our connection to wildlife. However, certain situations can get a bit tense, when nature decides to take the same interest on us.

‘When you look a wild animal in the eye, it’s like catching a glimpse into the soul of nature itself’, said Paul Oxton.



Being out in the wild, whether on safari or deep in the ocean, animals can sometimes get a little too close for comfort. Here’s a few incredible encounters:







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Sound On! 🔊 A killer whale giving filmmaker @olly_scholey a very close inspection… 😮 Whose jealous? What would your reaction be? . 🎥 By: @mullettover / @olly_scholey . "This encounter is one of the luckiest I have ever had – seeing a killer whale in clear blue water in the open ocean is extremely rare. We didn’t really know how they were going to respond to us, and given they were transient / Biggs killer whales (the type that eat either large fish or marine mammals) we were a tad apprehensive about getting in the water with them..! After the pod had crashed past us at around 10-12kts, this youngster started to really interact with us – an experience I will never forget!! Turn the sound on to hear the beautiful vocalisations the orca was making." . This work was performed under the authorisation no 15-ORAC-19 issued by the government on 07.06.19

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