Perhaps there hasn’t been a better time for some comic relief than now, after the constant bombardment of negative news we’ve all been exposed to over the last few days. This comes in the form of a cheeky jackal who decided it was a good idea to steal a bottle of brandy!

Brandon Danks was camping along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, just south of the Kunene River Mouth when a black-backed jackal surprised him.



He was cleaning up the remnants of the previous night’s dinner and found a bottle of alcohol. He was not sure who it belonged to, so he set it aside while he continued to clean up.

He said:

‘The next moment the jackal decided to pinch it,’

An opportunistic black-backed jackal trots into camp and quickly steals an unattended bottle of brandy. Image credit: Brandon Danks/ Let’s get lost South Africa

He managed to capture a set of photos of the crafty scavenger and posted them on the ‘Let’s get lost – South Africa‘ Facebook page.



He commented:

 ‘opportunistic creatures did not hesitate to try take it, very impressive jaw strength to not only lift up that bottle but also hold it like that, with virtually nothing to bite down on other than the rounded glass.

An important reminder to be aware of where you place things on camping trips.’


Black-backed jackals both hunt and scavenge. They are adaptable and can live in dry regions and are known for their cunning, vocal nature, for being territorial and for having lifelong mates.

Image: Brandon Danks/ Let’s get lost South Africa