When the cat’s away the penguins will play?? While most of us are stuck indoors due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a group of penguins in South Africa are taking full advantage of newfound freedom, thanks to the Two Oceans aquarium’s lockdown.

On 22 March, Cape Town’s Two Oceans Aquarium took to Twitter to share a video of the liberated penguins roaming around the closed aquarium.



The Aquarium said:

‘Even though the Two Oceans Aquarium is closed amid the #COVID19 pandemic, our staff are still hard at work caring for our animals. For our precious #penguins, like little Jasmine, no public visitors means getting to have the Aquarium to themselves,’

We’ve seen penguins on a walk about on the premises before too. Earlier in the year, the Aquarium shared footage of penguins making their way down a flight of stairs.

The penguins are often taken on walks, but the closing of doors to the public has significantly decreased the usual restrictions.



Image: Instagram / Two Oceans Aquarium