Last week, a giant gray whale swam through a group of unsuspecting surfers and the rare encounter was captured from above by drone.

Approximately 12 surfers were relaxing in waters off Doheny State Beach, California, when the giant massive whale approached them, Fox 5 News reported. Payton Landaas, a high school senior who lives nearby, captured footage of the whale’s movements with his drone.

Landaas told For the Win Outdoors:

“I knew how rare this moment could be so I ran to get my drone,”

According to experts, gray whales typically hang out close to shore while moving through locations.

Capt. Corey Hall, from Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching,  told KTLA:

“Gray whales are pretty docile; they’re known as the friendly whale,”

Hall added that it may have been the creature’s first or second time migrating south for the winter. Gray whales use landmarks rather than echolocation to navigate their journeys, which could be why this whale was spending time near the shore.

Landaas, who was blown away by the special moment he captured, recently launched Stealth Photos. You can see more of his drone footage and photography here.