Planning a mediterranean vacation this summer? No trip would be complete without checking out some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal!

Portugal is blessed with countless beaches, all of which equally as breathtaking as the next. The entire coastline is littered with pristine beaches and deep blue or turquoise waters, which look like a scene straight off Pinterest!

With a comfortable year-round climate, Portugal is an ideal destination or any time of year and the most popular destinations are situated in the north and south.

To help narrow down your search, we’ve made a list of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal – those you definitely have to check out while you’re there! Not only are these great places to chill out and relax, but some even host epic water-sport activities.

The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Portugal

1. Falesia Beach

Falesia Beach is widely known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, and spreads out over up to 3.7 miles (6 km). The beach’s picturesque golden-brown sands are a beautiful contrast to its deep blue waters. 

The sun sets over Praia de falesia - The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Portugal
Praia de falesia | (@bernardo_vmoura)

The beach is protected by rugged cliffs of red and orange, which create a vibrant atmosphere paired with lush green vegetation at the summit. It is a very popular beach and is generally quite crowded, but you will always be able to find a spot to drop your towel and enjoy the sea vibe.

Falesia Beach is also the go-to place if you’re looking for a luxury resort-based getaway; it is divided into two halves with the eastern part home the famous Vilamoura Resort, while the western part has equally great 5-star resort options for you to check out. 

2. São Rafael Beach

São Rafael Beach is where you can have it all in one, from exploring stunning nature areas to thrilling water-related activities.

Rock formations and blue waters at Praia de Sao Rafael
Praia de Sao Rafael | (@americo.leitao)

This lovely little beach is located in Albufeira, just a few miles away from the city. The beach is very accessible from the city, so is ideal for a day trip. Most people spend the day on São Rafael Beach and then head into the city to have dinner in one of its many restaurants.

At São Rafael, you’ll find amazing rock formations and limestone cliffs. With the beach as their backdrop, these make for some awesome exploring, as natural caves have been formed. The Small Bridge, and the Shallow’s Nest are well-worth a look!

You can also swim, snorkel and paddleboard in the crystal clear turquoise waters. 

3. Nazare Beach

Another of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal is Nazare. The crescent-moon shaped stretch of sand is an extremely popular location, about 85 miles (130 km) from Lisbon.

Traditionally a fishing town, it is very common to see local men casting huge nets out into the water in hopes of a good catch, while women generally spend their days wearing traditional dress and selling dried fish on the beach.

A woman watches the wave break at Praia do Nazare - The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Portugal
Praia do Nazare | (@marinacomes)

Nazare Beach is also one of the most popular places to surf in Portugal. Big wave surfers flock from all around the globe to try their luck on the 100ft. (30m+) waves, which are pretty standard during the winter months.

The tourist high season is in the summer months, and both locals and tourists frequent the beach on warm, sunny days.

You can also experience the beauty of Nazare Beach from above by riding a cable car, which stops at O Sitio. Here you’ll find an old temple, a chapel and local shops with quaint, handcrafted souvenirs. 

4. Dona Ana Beach 

With soft white sands, limestone cliffs and picturesque turquoise waters, Dona Ana Beach is another must-see beach in Portugal.

The view from within a cave formation at Praia de Dona Ana
Praia de Dona Ana |(

It is quite small in comparison to most other beaches in Portugal, but the spectacular views make it well worth a visit. The region isn’t known for getting too hot, and the beach’s relatively still waters make it ideal for families with small kids.

The path to Dona Ana Beach is through a narrow wooden staircase, so take care with children and elderly people. You can also rent beach chairs on site, so don’t worry about bringing those with you!