Efforts to preserve existing trails while allowing hikers to experience more of Peru, the Machu Picchu Council has approved a budget of almost $1.2 million for two brand new trails at the Unesco World Heritage site.

One of the new trails will be called the Amazon Access Route and will connect the Intihuatana community with the areas of San Miguel, Inkarakay, Mandor, Puente Ruinas up to Machu Picchu Town according to Lonely Planet. The second route will connect Choquellusca with San Antonio de Torontoy, on the way to Machu Picchu.

The new routes are aiming to ‘highlight the natural, cultural, and social heritage of the region, while diversifying tourist attractions and boosting the local economy,’ according to the Council.

Along with the new routes, the existing trails will also be revamped with restructured foot paths and added lookout points.