In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries across the globe have instated travel bans. As a result, many would-be travellers have been forced to cancel or postpone their travel plans. A new form of travel has become more and more popular of late, virtual travel.

Various hotels, spas, art galleries and even museums have now introduced virtual tours, which allow those in lockdown to visit from the comfort of their homes.



Here are five of the best places to virtual travel from your sofa: 

The Thermal Spa in Bath, UK

This virtual tour allows you to pay a visit to the stunning rooftop pool, where you can ‘take a dip’ in the mineral-rich waters. Take the tour to enjoy the 360-degree views of Bath.

Click here to enjoy the spa. 



Various American National Parks

Visiting America’s national parks has never been so easy, especially via Google Earth. Some highlights include virtual tours of erupting Old Faithful Geysers and the glowing bacteria of the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone.

Click here to tour the parks. 

Work out in the Maldives

Amilla Fushi, a popular resort in the Maldives, is offering free home workout videos filmed in picturesque locations. The videos are led by the resort’s personal trainers, and allows you to work out in luxury without paying for it.

There is a new routine available each week.

Click here to join the workout.



Go on a live game drive in SA

WildEarth’s live-streams take place twice daily on the platform Twitch, and allow you to join rangers on a virtual safari and see animals such as baby elephants, hyenas and giraffe live for what may be the game drive of your life.

Click here to join the live-stream.



See the Northern Lights

There are an average of 300 days of aurora activity in the region of Churchill, Northern Manitoba. You can watch the show thanks to’s cameras set up at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre.

The best shows are said to take place between 5am and 9am during UK springtime, which is currently in full swing.

Click here to see the lights.