The Circle Of Life On Show In Kruger National Park

In the unforgiving wilderness of Kruger National Park, a tale as old as time unfolds—a story of survival, cunning, and the harsh realities of nature.

This isn’t just another wildlife sighting; it’s a gripping saga of a mother’s instinct versus a predator’s patience. Today, we’re taking a look at a recent event that captures the essence of the wild—where a monitor lizard makes an audacious move on a newborn crocodile, sparking discussions and awe among wildlife enthusiasts.

The Sighting

The drama began under the watchful eyes of Mark Fox, a seasoned guide with “Foxy’s On Safari.” While journeying near the Vurhami bridge, Fox had grown accustomed to observing a female crocodile, vigilantly guarding her clutch of eggs.

The bridge provided a perfect vantage point for Fox and his guests to witness the cycle of life and the perpetual tension that accompanies it in the wild.

Nile monitor steals baby crocodile from mother in kruger national park
Nile monitor steals baby crocodile from mother in kruger national park

The Incident

Fox narrated how, over several visits, the presence of a monitor lizard loomed ominously. The reptile, with its predatory gaze, seemed acutely aware of the crocodile eggs.

“Every day I entered the park, anxious to check on the crocodile nest’s progress,”

His observations paid off when he discovered scattered eggshells—a sign of new life.

However, nature’s narrative took a somber turn just a few days later. “A sense of longing filled the air,” he recalled, describing the changed atmosphere when he noticed the mother crocodile’s intermittent dives and the watchful lizard.

In a moment of vulnerability for the crocodile, the lizard seized its opportunity, snatching a newborn croc in a display of nature’s indifferent cruelty and cunning. This act of predation highlighted the relentless struggle for survival, reminding us of the brutal impartiality of the natural world.


This incident is a reminder of the unpredictability and inherent brutality within nature. The monitor lizard, often seen merely as a scavenger, reminds us of its adaptability and opportunistic nature, traits vital for survival in the ruthless ecosystem of Kruger.

The female crocodile, despite her vigilance, faced the ultimate loss—a scenario played out daily in the wild, yet no less poignant in its familiarity.

According to wildlife experts, such interactions, while distressing, are essential components of the ecological balance within Kruger.

“These events, though harsh, underscore the dynamic balance of predator and prey relationships,”

Explains Dr. Angela Green, a wildlife biologist specializing in African reptiles.

“They are vital in maintaining the health of these populations, ensuring that only the strongest, quickest, and most alert survive.”

The wild is not a realm of good and evil but one of survival and existence. This event, captured by Fox and shared with offers a rare, unfiltered glimpse into the struggles faced by wildlife daily.

For those who traverse the natural landscapes in search of such moments, it serves as a compelling narrative of life and death, a testament to the resilience and harsh realities faced by the inhabitants of Kruger National Park.

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