Visitors to the Kruger National Park in South Africa were treated to an incredibly rare sighting as this HUGE Southern African Python Slithered across the road and disappeared into a pothole.

Pieter Loock captured the footage on the bridge along the H1-4 road during his visit to the Kruger National Park!

Like all pythons, this snake is not venomous, but it can deliver a nasty bite. To catch its prey, which can vary from birds and fish to small antelope, monkeys and even crocodiles, the Southern African python ambushes its victim and wraps its strong coils around the poor creature, tightening its grip with each exhale, until the animal dies from cardiac arrest.

According to the South African Snake Bite Institute, the Southern African python (which used to be considered a subspecies of the African rock python, but is now recognised as its own species) is Africa’s largest snake species, ‘reaching a maximum length of around 5.5m (18 feet) and weighing around 65kg (145lbs)’

Attacks on humans are extremely rare.

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