Flamingos are the latest wildlife species to take advantage of the human population being on lockdown as over 100,000 have flocked to Mumbai and painted the city pink.

It’s not unusual for flamingos to visit Mumbai. From September to May these birds spend time living in the city’s lakes. However this year, the number of birds that have flocked to the the capital of Maharashtra state in western India this year, expected to break records.

With the city under lockdown, the lack of human activity has welcomed in the swarms of flamingos.

Tens of thousands of birds have turned a Mumbai lake into a pink paradise. The birds usually migrate to Mumbai in September and stay until May for feeding, according to Rahul Khot of Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) who spoke to CNN. 



In 2019, the number of flamingos recorded was 134,000 but it is estimated that  the number for 2020 will surpass this by the end of the month, according to BNHS.

In March of 2020, BNHS counted 125,000 birds, before the country went into lockdown.

Khot said to CNN:

‘They are being reported from places where they have earlier been reported less in number because there is no human activity there now,’