While all of us humans are ‘locked down’, the animal kingdom seems to be venturing out of their usual stomping grounds, and visiting areas that you’d might not expect to see them. A hippo believed to be from the Kosi Lake area in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa was seen taking a leisurely swim off a beach in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique.

A video captured by Thiago Fonseca of Golo Agency was posted to YouTube, with the caption:

‘No tourists were present — this solitary, majestic hippo had the time of its life frolicking and enjoying the water all to itself.’

A local tourism company also took to Facebook, saying ‘SURPRISE VISITOR from SOUTH AFRICA TO PONTA DO OURO MOZAMBIQUE – Defying the travel Ban!! No Tourists – but a lonely Hippo popped in for a visit earlier this week, from the Kosi Bay Lakes next door.’