One of the oldest and most culturally rich cities in the world, there is not shortage of awesome things to do in Rome!

Rome’s history dates back more than 3,000 years and and the city has a wealth of ancient towns, historical monuments and churches that showcase the legends, myths and tales of the past.

Deciding what to do in such an activity-filled city can be quite overwhelming, so we’ve made a list of the top things to do in Rome; from the majestic Colosseum to the Vatican Museums and the Pantheon.

The Top 15 Things To Do in Rome

1. Colosseum

No trip to Italy is complete without visiting the Colosseum, since it is one of the top things to do in Rome! Also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, it was built in the 70-80 A.D and once held about 80,000 spectators at a time. 

It was mainly used as an entertainment venue by the Roman Emperors, with the most popular event at the time being gladiator tournaments. Here, gladiators were made to fight with each other, and even with lions and tigers for the entertainment of the royals. Its best to book your tickets in advance to avoid massive queues outside this popular attraction.

Aerial view over The Colosseum - The Top 15 Things To Do In Rome
Aerial view over The Colosseum, Rome | @pallisd

2. Arch of Constantine

Located right next to the Colosseum is the Arch of Constantine, which was named on behalf of the emperor Constantine to celebrate his victory at the Battle of Milvian Bridge. 

Despite dating back to 315 A.D, it remains to be one of the most preserved buildings in Rome with fine architectural details still evident in its arches. These details include figures of soldiers, horses, and other ancient inscriptions. The total height of the structure is 21 meters, so it won’t be missed even at a distance!

Arco di Constantino - 15 Things To Do Rome
Arco di Constantino | @91places

3. St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is considered to be the most popular religious building in Europe. While in St. Peter’s Square, you can see all of its beauty just by looking at the front façade, crowned with statues of the Apostles and Jesus. 

However it’s not until you get inside that you get to truly appreciate the fine architectural contributions of both Bernini and Michelangelo.

St. Peter's Basilica - The Top 15 Things To Do In Rome
St. Peter’s Basilica | @madewithlight1985

4. The Pantheon

Another one of the top things to do in Rome is to visit the Pantheon. It is considered to be the most well-preserved building in the entire city and dates back to 118 A.D when it was first developed by the Roman Emperor, Hadrian. 

One of the most notable features is its 43-meter dome, which displays the power of the Roman architecture as it is kept without visible supports through suspensions that are well-concealed from the view. 

Inside The Pantheon - The Top 15 Things To Do In Rome
Inside The Pantheon | @theromansenateandpeople