When it comes to compiling a list of the best places to visit in Europe in 2024, we were spoilt for choice. So much so that we couldn’t narrow the list down to less than 23 destinations!

Europe is a continent of incredible diversity. In the form of climate, geography, culture, cuisine and language – each of its forming countries are so similar and yet so different. There is something for everyone.

The Best Places To Visit In Europe

A land that, in parts seems frozen in time, with meticulously preserved buildings, cathedrals and monuments. Yet in other parts exemplifies the eccentricities of modern culture. In Europe you’ll find equally exciting outdoor attractions like mountains, lakes and vibrant countryside and bustling cities with a metropolitan buzz in the air.

So whether you’re after a week lazing away in the Santorini sun, chasing polar bears in Svalbard or learning about the past in Berlin, our list covers the best places to visit in Europe!

The Best Places To Visit In Southern Europe


Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and has long been on of its most visited. From the bustling cities of Lisbon and Porto, to it’s charming medieval towns and over 800 kilometre Atlantic coast.

Home to one of the most vibrant food and drink scenes in Europe, Portugal is famous for its Pasteis de Nata (traditional custard tart) and signature Port wine.

There’s also plenty of noteworthy ancient sites and world-class museums which display remnants of the country’s colourful history.

Ocean lovers will love the dramatic coastline and magnificent beaches along The Algarve — a popular area with a number of shore breaks that are considered to be top surfing destinations as well. The Azores and Madeira are also some of the most popular vacation islands in Europe.

the best places to visit in europe
The best places to visit in Europe | Belem Tower, Portugal


As with its aforementioned neighbours, Italy is a popular tourist destination that offers a full cocktail of historical attractions, natural beauty and cultural flavour.

Explore the city of Venice from the comfort of a romantic guided Gondola ride, or book lesson to learn voga alla veneta, the Venetian style of rowing while standing up.

Channel your inner Maximus and walk in the footsteps of the gladiators in the Colosseum, or dodge the crowds in the Vatican City by booking a ticket to see the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums after dark.

The Tuscan countryside is best explored by road trip and the quaint villages of Cinque Terre are an ideal location for a couple days of rest and relaxation.

If you’re looking for some time on the beach, checkout the Spiaggia Rosa, one of the most unique beaches in the world thanks to its pink-coloured sand.

The best places to visit in Europe | Cinque Terre, Italy


With 50 provinces, 17 autonomous regions, and at least 5 languages, Spain is far more diverse than you might think for such small landmass. It’s a country where, if you plan it right, you can surf and ski in the same day, and has just as many attractions for party-goers (like Ibiza) as it does for those seeking inner peace (like the Camino de Santiago).

Spain’s culture is deeply rooted in food and drink and the “Tapas culture” is a huge part of evening festivities. So much so that in some cities, like Granada, Tapas are served for free with every drinks order. Follow this up with a Flamenco show and you have experienced a quintessential Spanish evening.

Bull fighting is a highly-debated topic but it is an inescapable part of Spain’s history, and can be a powerful experience if you have the stomach for it. Seville is the spiritual home of bull fighting, while in the city of Pamplona, you can take part in the annual ‘Running of the Bulls’ festival.

The cities of Barcelona and Madrid are attractions in themselves, both littered with historical sites, fine restaurants and sporting attractions. And no it’s not just a cliché, when you’re in Spain you have to try the paella. The best of which can be found in Valencia.

The best places to visit in Europe | Alhambra Castle, Spain


Arguably one of the most chilled-out places to visit in Europe, Greece is the ideal deal location to catch up on some Rest and Relaxation.

Greek skies are the most luscious of blues, while the sapphire Mediterranean Sea straddles beaches that boast sand and pebbles of different colours – from white to black, and tan to pinky-red respectively.

On the country’s smaller isles you’ll be treated to views of azure domes that top whitewashed Cycladic houses, their doors and gates so bright they just beg to be photographed.

Santorini is particularly spectacular as the sun sets over the rows of white buildings and windmills that top the nearly 300 meter, multi-coloured cliffs like icing on a wedding cake. The tiny island is also home to the remains of the ‘Lost City Of Atlantis’.

Crete is another popular island with inviting coastal towns and mountain villages. While Mykonos, Ayia Napa and Corfu boast fantastic nightlife.

In Athens you’ll find breathtaking ancient ruins, like the iconic Acropolis, as well as famous museums, shops and restaurants.

Greek cuisine is some of the most widely enjoyed in the world, and at the source you’ll find the freshest of ingredients being used to create healthy and tasty delicacies bursting with flavour.

the best places to visit in europe
The best places to visit in Europe | Zakynthos, Greece