Moscow’s beautiful subway stations will be readily available for all to marvel over while in lockdown thanks to new virtual tours.

Extraordinarily detailed architecture and history have made the Moscow Metro one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. The subway stations, as with most cities around the world, are now deserted as the city has been locked down amid coronavirus concerns.



Moscow Metro Career Guidance Center announced it will be offering five virtual activities per day, these include guided tours and history talks.



These visual and virtual experiences will be offered through the center’s official Instagram page.

Travel-enthusiasts who follow the page can peek behind the scenes, experience architecture tours and even have access to historic stations that have been closed for years.

While most of the content currently being produced is in Russian, English lectures are expected to launch this week.



Moscow Metro is one of the world’s busiest transit systems and is ranked in fifth place for track length worldwide.

The massive system began in 1935 and in 2020 already has 236 stations with many more planned for completion in 2023.

Spectacular architectural marvels line the subway routes and offer visitors a immersive historical and culturally rich experience.

Experience a virtual tour here.

Image: Instagram