From sea turtles to birds of prey and venomous snakes to marsupials – this list covers 20 of the most iconic Australian animals that call this vast country their home.

Whether it’s a majestic wedge-tailed eagle soaring through the sky or an adorable platypus swimming in a river, each has its unique place in Australia’s diverse ecosystem. So let’s have a glimpse at some of these fantastic creatures!

The 20 Most Iconic Australian Animals


Kangaroos are iconic marsupials native to Australia and its nearby islands. These large mammals have powerful hind legs that can be bound quickly across the landscape, reaching speeds up to 44 mph. They also have long, muscular tails for balance and stability while hopping. Kangaroos typically feed on grasses and herbaceous plants, such as succulents.

However, they may occasionally eat insects and other small animals too. Their strong claws help them dig burrows into the ground to find food or hide during dangerous situations. Despite their clumsy look when moving on land, these creatures are gracefully agile swimmers in the water!

Young Kangaroo hopping through a field
Young Kangaroo hopping through a field | @matidge

Saltwater Crocodile

Another animal found in Australia is the Saltwater Crocodile or ‘saltie’. This giant reptile lives in various waterways around Australia, like the Northern Territory and Queensland. It can be up to 20 feet long and weigh over 1,000 pounds!

Its skin looks tough, usually grayish-brown or olive green, with sharp teeth for catching its prey like fish, birds, turtles or small mammals at night or during twilight hours when most animals are sleeping. The name ‘saltwater crocodile’ was given due to it’s propensity for swimming in the ocean!

Saltwater crocodile - the most iconic animals in australia
Saltwater crocodile | @martin.strmiska

The Scrub python 

Scrub python is a large, nonvenomous snake native to parts of Australia and Indonesia. It is the longest snake species in Australia, with an average length of 5-7 meters (16-23 feet). The maximum recorded size for this species was 10.4 meters (34 feet)! Scrub pythons are known for their distinctive coloration, ranging from light yellowish or olive green to dark brown or black.

They have a series of diamond or rhomboidal markings along their back that look like chevron patterns. Other notable features include a broad neck, large scales on the head and neck, and smooth scales on the body. They are active hunters and often ambush their prey by hiding in vegetation before striking out quickly with lightning speed! Scrub pythons are solitary creatures that spend most of their time in trees or burrows.

Large Scrub Python
Large Scrub Python | @bill_collett_


Koalas are animals native to Australia. They have soft, grey fur and big ears and can be up to two feet tall. They eat mainly leaves, grasses, and shrubs.

Koalas usually live in trees but sometimes come down to the ground too. They often sleep during the day and wake up at night to look for food! Koalas are very social animals and can be seen cuddling together in trees. They produce a loud, distinctive call that can be heard up to two miles away! 

A relaxed pair of Koalas, sleeping in a Eucalyptus Tree - the most iconic animals in australia
A relaxed pair of Koalas, sleeping in a Eucalyptus Tree | @jerrito1


Dingoes are wild dogs found in Australia. They have sandy, yellow-brown fur, pointy ears, and can be as tall as two feet! Dingoes mostly eat small animals like rabbits and rodents and sometimes eat fruit and plants. They live in small family groups or alone and howl at night to communicate with each other.

Dingoes need lots of space to run around, so they prefer wide open areas like deserts or grasslands where they can find food quickly. Unfortunately, dingoes are now endangered due to hunting, habitat destruction, and hybridization with domestic dogs. 

Wild Dingo in Australia
Wild Dingo | @coalitionagainst1080
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