Compiling a shortlist of the most beautiful beaches in Australia is no easy feat. It is a country renowned for its incredible natural beauty. Especially when it comes to picturesque turquoise waters fringed by white sand beaches.

While many people’s first thoughts about Australia may be more to do with its endless list of deadly snakes and spiders, the continent boasts some of the most beautiful coastal locations anywhere in the world.

How many beaches are in Australia?

Australia is one of the most aesthetically gifted countries in the world. The island-continent is home to over 37,282 miles (60,000km) of coast line and nearly 12,000 beaches. All of them are post-card ready and a varying degree of wild!

From the Gold Coast to the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef, here are 15 of the most Breathtaking Beaches of Australia:

1. Lizard Beach, Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef

Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef is the epitome of spectacular island getaway. Its not the most budget-friendly beach destination in Australia, but with over 23 picturesque white beaches to choose from, the remote northern island is well worth splashing out.

Lizard Island © | 15 Breathtaking Beaches In Australia

Stunning private villas are littered across the island, and set an incredible scene for lazing around the pool. They also provide exclusive access to some of the most amazing beaches in Australia, with incredible diving and snorkelling spots.

Aside from the beaches, Lizard Island is a National Park that spans 1000 hectares and hosts a variety of wildlife species such as goannas and a plethora of birdlife.

2. 75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island

It’s pretty self-explanatory to determine how this marvel got its name. A keen beach enthusiast measured the beach and discovered that it was 75 miles long.

Apart from its length, there are many other impressive things about this rugged stretch of coast, east of Fraser Island. It is also a gazetted highway, from which you’ll discover fishermen casting their lines and camper’s huddling in the dunes.

15 Breathtaking Beaches In Australia
75 Mile Beach | 15 Breathtaking Beaches In Australia

This ‘sand road’ – for 4WD vehicles only –  leads to some of the island’s most notable attractions such as the SS Maheno shipwreck, cast out onto the beach in 1935, as well as the colorful sand and rock formations of The Pinaccles and Red Canyon.

The beach itself is not considered a safe place to swim due to its dangerous currents and large population of sharks, but if a dip is in order then check out Eli Creek, or Champagne Pools at the northern end of the beach.

3. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays, Queensland

Images of the iconic white sands and crystal clear waters are what immediately come to mind when visitors think about the Whitsundays where, unlike some other tropical locations, reality is just as spectacular as photographs.

The fine-grained silica sand is extremely pure and soft to touch and, combined with the vivid blue waters, create a magical experience.

15 Breathtaking Beaches In Australia
Whitehaven Beach | 15 Breathtaking Beaches In Australia

Whitehaven Beach spans 7 kilometres along the coast and even in peak season, is rarely crowded enough to ruin the serene atmosphere. There are a myriad of coves, lagoons and inlets with scenic lookouts littered in the surrounds and add to the mystique of the island.