Spectacular design leaves an impression even when it comes to hotel swimming pools. And in the Instagram age, even more so. An impression made on a single person can be transferred into millions of impressions on people from all ends of the earth. For this reason, gone are the days of sketchy holes in the ground filled with water, hotels are going to extreme lengths to create swimming pool designs that provide a luxury experience that create lasting memories.

It doesn’t matter the climate, any luxury hotel worth its salt has a pool and we’ve complied a list of some of the most incredible and extravagant hotel swimming pools around the world:

1. Four Seasons Safari Lodge – Serengeti, Tanzania

The Four Seasons Safari Lodge is located deep in the heart of the Serengeti, one of the world’s most well-renowned wildlife reserves and home to lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, rhinoceros and many other wildlife species.

Poised on a series of elevated platforms, their free-form infinity style swimming pool overlooks a natural watering hole, where you can watch herds of elephants drink and play in the water as you do the same. The viewing deck which surrounds the pool also provides views over the endless and untamed landscape of the Serengeti plains, the ideal vantage point for thrilling wildlife observations. It has even been said that the area surrounding the lodge attracts so much wildlife, that guests might not even have to leave the poolside to spot the entire Big Five!

12 Incredible Hotel Swimming Pools Around The World
Four Seasons Safari Lodge – Serengeti, Tanzania | 12 Incredible Hotel Swimming Pools Around The World

2. The Lake Argyle Resort – Australia

Who would’ve thought Australia’s best infinity pool would be in the middle of the Outback? Well its not all that surprising when you consider the region readily reaches temperatures of over 40-degrees celcius!

12 Incredible Hotel Swimming Pools Around The World
The Lake Argyle Infinity Pool – Australia | 12 Incredible Hotel Swimming Pools Around The World

Right on the edge of the border between Western Australia and the Northern Territory, lies a 35 metre (115ft) Outback Oasis overlooking Lake Argyle – a haven for all sorts of nature – think crocodiles, monitor lizards and freshwater turtles set in a vast lake between the mountains.

The large infinity edge pool is open to all day and overnight guests.

3. Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

When you imagine the most expensive hotel ever built, its hard not to picture it being paired with a rooftop infinity pool and views over never ending rows of skyscrapers.

The Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore is exactly that, comprising of three 55-storey towers which encompass 2,560 luxury suites. 200m (656 ft) in the sky and nestled on top of the three towers, the Sands SkyPark rooftop is home to the world’s largest public cantilever with a public observatory deck, lush gardens, exclusive restaurants and of course a breathtaking 150 m (492 ft) infinity pool to complete the luxurious experience.

12 Incredible Hotel Swimming Pools Around The World
Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool – Singapore | 12 Incredible Hotel Swimming Pools Around The World

4. Grace Hotel – Santorini, Greece

You’d be forgiven if you thought Santorini was designed with Instagram in mind. Stacks of whitewashed villas and hotels is the picture of Greece in almost everyone’s mind.

In the romantic setting of Imerovigli, 300 metres (1,000 ft) above the Caldera, sits Santorini’s largest infinity pool, unrivalled in size, shape and exclusivity (with just 14 lounge chairs available). It is the perfect view point from which to enjoy the famous Santorini sunsets. The exquisite pool, offers guests uninterrupted views across the bay and forms part of the ultimate Santorini experience.

Santorini, Greece | 12 Incredible Hotel Swimming Pools Around The World

5. Villa D’este – Lake Como, Italy

Originally used as a residence for a 16th century cardinal, Villa D’Este was converted into a resort in 1873 and is widely praised for its exquisite cuisine, lush gardens, extravagant decor and impeccable hospitality.

The hotel has a uniquely designed swimming pool, floating on Lake Como with a built-in Jacuzzi Spa and stunning views in every direction. Guests can transport themselves into a different time and experience the grandeur of the Renaissance with glorious 360 degree views over Lake Como.

12 Incredible Hotel Swimming Pools Around The World
Villa D’Este – Lake Como, Italy | 12 Incredible Hotel Swimming Pools Around The World

This experience might not be any more than an Instagram photo op for those susceptible to sea sickness, as the deck supporting the pool and adjacent loungers, does move with the lake.