The beauty, tranquillity and gentler pace of the wilderness are what makes an African safari a fail-proof way to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. If you combine this with the modern luxuries and special indulgences of a luxury camp or lodge, you are left with no choice but to simply surrender yourself to the safari experience and let nature’s effortless therapy take over.

There are so many incredible amenities and activities to indulge in while on an exclusive safari in Africa. But if we had to choose, these would be our top three experiences that are absolutely essential if your holiday is about boosting your health and well-being.

Let nature calm your mind

A safari immerses you fully in the magic of the great outdoors, compelling you to slow down and take it in using all your senses. You will soon welcome the still moments spent listening to the crowned eagle’s soulful cry, inspecting the web intricacies of a golden orb spider or watching a mother lion nurse her cubs.

3 Exclusive Safari Experiences That Promote Well-being
Swimming in Devil Pool’s above the iconic Victoria Falls © Tongabezi | 3 Exclusive Safari Experiences That Promote Well-being

Each time you set out to explore the wild wonders beyond camp, you give yourself the chance to be invigorated, quietened or even changed in some way. Whether it’s a thrilling swim in Devil’s Pool above Victoria Falls or a walking safari in the Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve in South Africa, nature will help refresh your perspective.

Be kind to your body

An African safari is a well-balanced holiday, combining adventures in the wilderness with pampering back at camp that together will leave you thoroughly stress-free. Think open-air baths, showers, and relaxing massage treatments surrounded only by the sounds, smells and sights of nature. For those that want more of a work-out, perhaps even a stretch on a private yoga deck or swimming laps across the crystal-clear waters of the lodge pool.

3 Exclusive Safari Experiences That Promote Well-being
Stretch out in peace amidst the South African bush on the Yoga Deck © Garonga | 3 Exclusive Safari Experiences That Promote Well-being

It is also in the simpler things. Putting your feet up in the comfort of your suite’s private deck and staring off into the distance, getting lost in the seemingly endless plains of Africa. Sharing a blissful sundowner session with your loved one on a small sandy island with the river softly lapping the shore. An exclusive safari is about doing as much or as little as you want.

Reconnect in privacy with your nearest and dearest

Exclusivity doesn’t only mean the best; there is also a strong emphasis on privacy and the perks that come with it. Privacy is important for everyone starting to plan for their next trip, whether locally or internationally, as it means contact with fewer people and highly personalised service that helps promote your health and safety.

3 Exclusive Safari Experiences That Promote Well-being
Unwind and recline in the outdoor chill area on Sindabezi Island © Tongabezi | 3 Exclusive Safari Experiences That Promote Well-being

Luxury safari lodges, like Little Garonga in the Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve and Sindabezi Island Chalets on the Zambezi riverfront, are designed specifically to be booked out for exclusive- or sole-use holidays by small groups and couples respectively. Not only will your experience at the lodge be private, so too will going out on game drives or boat cruises. You won’t have to share those activities with anyone else and you will have your own guide.

When you are ready to start thinking about your next holiday, consider an exclusive safari in Africa that offers all the relaxing luxuries and exciting activities that work together to promote well-being.